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mendozasttell astrology topics

Nickname: mendozasttell
Birthday: 1997-04-29, Age group: plus 20
From: Philippines, Pasay, Luzon
Self description: single
Zodiac Sign by Western Astrology: Taurus
Zodiac Sign by Chines Astrology: Ox
Ethnicity: Asian
Marital status: Single

Romantic compatibility with mendozasttell

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Western horoscope

Taurus, the Sign of the Bull, is the second Sign of the Western Zodiac and runs from April 20 to May 20. It is an Earth Sign. Those born of the Bull are often chided for their taciturnity and concomitant tendency to be boring, but if they carefully avoid becoming stagnant, their finer qualities will soon become apparent: for instance, there is no one more dependable, loving and loyal than a Taurus.Gentleness, an abiding calm, and the patience of a saint are also characteristics, although these may mask a stubbornness that can be revealed during the course of an argument. Overly careful and conservative in some cases, they also pride themselves on a job done thoroughly -- there is a tremendous work ethic present here. Taureans also make really good cooks.The female born under the Sign of Taurus may require a very strict diet to achieve slimness, but if you are comfortable with your body image, you may wish to relax and revel in your curves. Everything about you exudes health and vitality. You enjoy the feel of clothing upon your skin, and will go far in selecting the right wardrobe for your sensual pleasure.Highly introverted, you acquire a status of mystery in your social circles. You are very commonsensical and prefer not to judge others at first glance, but rather to let their behavior describe them for you over time. Morally sound, you are well aware of the difference between right and wrong. You are extremely loyal to those who you consider to be your closest friends and family, and will never desert them when the chips are down.

Eastern horoscope

The Ox is the second Sign of the Chinese Zodiac. It is a Yin Sign commonly associated with the Water Element. Recent Ox years have been 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985 and 1997. Characteristics of the Ox personality profile include straightforwardness, consistency, kindness and a strong work ethic. They do not tolerate any sort of criticism, and can be very stubborn when they believe they are in the right.The Ox is very capable and hardworking, but the flip side of this particular coin is a tendency to be moody, gloomy, conformist and quite often, not to put too fine a point on it, dull. But in their better moments, they can be very gentle, loving and supportive to those who they regard as integral to their well-being.The female Ox may exhibit the following typical traits: you are quite outspoken and concomitantly lacking in tact and good manners, which results in fewer party invitations, but no fear -- this does not bother you as you are essentially a very private person who enjoys the comforts of the fine home atmosphere that you have arranged for yourself.You have worked hard to provide yourself with the best, so who can blame you for wanting to keep everything close at hand for yourself and for the family that you value so much? You have a strong sense of justice -- favors will be repaid promptly and in kind, and offenses will be revisited upon your enemies tenfold, no matter how long it takes, as you have a good head for remembered insults.